Now involving 50+ countires worldwide and taking place, annually, since 2011, April 17th is Malbec World Day and the day to celebrate the flavour and finesse of Argentina’s signature grape variety.

Malbec was introduced to Argentina, by the French, in 1853. With the incorporation of new varietals being seen as a way to give a boost to the national wine industry. By the end of the 19th century, thanks to the efforts of Italian and French immigrants, viticulture in Argentina experienced exponential development, as did Malbec. The rest, as they say…

Try Before You Buy

As many of you Barrica regulars will know, we’re BIG Malbec fans and we’re making the most of a good thing and spinning it out for the full week (April 14th – April 22nd). We have some tempting offers for you (see below) and ALL of these wines will be available for FREE tastings – TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!

BE WARNED: These offers are only available while current stocks last. So, head down to Botany Bay ‘rápido’, before they’re all gone!