The Beers at Barrica Wines

Craft Beers, Ales, Lagers and Ciders

The Beer Room is now home to a diverse selection of over 300 beers, lagers and ciders. In fact, our discerning customers’ ever-growing appetite for new and exciting brews meant that we had to increase the size of the shop in 2017, just to accommodate all of the new varieties. We have an excellent range that have been brewed right here in the North West, as well from many other areas of the UK, not to mention an impressive Continental selection. So, whether it’s a chocolatey stout, a hoppy IPA, a refreshing cider, or a crisp Pilsner you’re after, we’re certain to have something good to wet your whistle!


Originating in Pilsen, in what’s now known as the Czech Republic, Pilsner is a straw coloured beer with a distinctive hop aroma and flavour.

Free-From Beers

An increasing number of people are removing gluten from their diet and the good news is that brewers have responded. We have several really good gluten-free beers for you to choose from. We also have a good selection of alcohol-free choices.


A number of styles of Weissbeer (white beer) are available, sometimes known as Weizenbier (wheat beer). They are so called because of the yellowish-white colour that’s imparted by the pale malted wheat and barley used in its brewing (minimum 50% wheat grains). The wheat also gives the Weissbeer its characteristic zing of acidity and aromas of bubblegum, bananas and cloves.


You’ll find a vast selection of top beer brands in The Beer Room: Crankshaft Brewery; Problem Child; Bank Top; The Parker Brewery; Beer Brothers, Joseph Holt, to name just a handful of our Northern brews. As well as: Jever; Konig Pilsner; Irlbacher; Cerveses La Pirata; Paulaner; Veltins, and many, many more!