Special Offers at Barrica Wines

Special Offers at Barrica wines

Below is a selection of special offers we have avaialble, many of which are limited stock and don’t hang around for long. Click on the image for an enlarged view.

Latest Additions

The alcoholic drinks market is always evolving and we regularly find something new and interesting to bring to the shelves at Barrica Wines.  Whether it be ‘real ale’ or ‘craft beer’, or the seemingly never ending variety of premium gins, perhaps a fabulous wine producer we’ve stumbled across. If we think you’ll like it, we’ll give it a try!

Take a look at some of the latest additions below…

Bakewell Liqueur

Created up in the Lake District National Park by Pennington’s Spirits and Liqueurs, the clever people behind another popular seller here at Barrica, Kendal Mint Cake Liqueur. Their latest addition, Bakewell Liqueur is an inviting and versatile liqueur with a tang of sweet raspberry, complemented by soft almond and the memories of Granny’s baking. Drink chilled on its own or perhaps mix a little into a glass of sparking wine!

Gingerbread Liqueur

From the same stable as the Bakewell liqueur, Gingerbread Liqueur is a vibrant liqueur with the comforting aroma of butterscotch, a hint of lemon and the pleasing warmth of ginger.

Bellini Cocktail

Always a top seller when the sun comes out to play! The Bellini cocktail is composed of two parts sparkling wine, one part white peach juice and pulp from select, perfectly ripe peaches and a few drops of wild raspberry. Its natural ingredients are grown in the Venetian countryside; the delicate white peaches are handpicked when fruit is perfectly ripe, so as to maximize concentration of sugar and aromas.

A classic aperitif, its inebriating peach fragrance is best enjoyed quite cool, even slightly chilled.

Grins Gin

You’ve heard the phrase ‘Grins like a Cheshire Cat’, well that’s the inspiration behing the name of this Cheshire produced Gin.

A complex distilled gin of premium quality, encompassing complimenting botanicals; from the citrus, floral, spiced and herbal categories. These include carefully selected Cheshire blueberries, hints of cucumber and sweet orange peel, warm notes of cinnamon and nutmeg along with earthy base notes of angelica root. All of this is brought together by Cheshire Spring Water sourced from the Peckforton Hills, which is used to expertly distill and infuse these elements, culminating in a well balanced flavour of unparalleled smoothness.