The Spirits & Liqueurs at Barrica Wines

Excellent Selection of Premium Spirits and Liqueurs

There’s an abundance of amazing, smaller distilleries around at the moment, several of whom we deal directly with. The current Gin craze certainly has created a massive buzz in the premium spirits world but there’s so much more going too. We’ve got flavoured liqueurs: toffee, mint, raspberry, and many more. Not to mention a good variety of Vodka, Whisky, Rum and Cognac on the shelves.


Just like the Gin craze, cocktails and cocktail making is definitely another of the drink trends that’s continuing to be popular at the moment, too. In terms of essential base spirits, you’ll be needing: Brandy, Light Rum, Gin, Tequila, Vodka, Bourbon and blended Scotch Whisky. As for liqueurs, Triple Sec (Orange Liqueur), Maraschino (Cherry), Coffee, Crème de Cassis (Blackcurrant), Crème de Cacao (Chocolate) should give you a good selection. As for the rest… Vermouth (dry and sweet) and Bitters (orange and Angostura), and then sugar syrup and Grenadine.